What is Magic?

CG Pandey

Sep 24 , 2019

What is Magic?

Many people take a lot of things for granted and assume that what they see around them has always been this way and see it as nothing more than standards that have been explained by science, period.

But has anyone ever answered a question that comes up once in the while - who was first, the chicken or the egg? This question comes and goes and may be debated forever because there are no concrete answers to this and many other questions.

Scientist and researchers have many theories as to how our planet Earth has come to life and how our Moon became major player to sustain life as we know it. But in reality, we can only rely on theories because there are no facts that can fundamentally answer so many questions we as humans want to know.

Sometimes I hear people say that magic does not exist and they have a right to their opinion. But everyone sees “magic” individually different and it does not always come to seeing something that is unexplained or believed to be “magic”.

I personally see magic in everything around us such as Mother Nature. We know why we have oxygen and atmosphere which is proven by modern science through extensive research and facts. But how it came about? How we evolved to human beings and when exactly did this happen? Again, there are many theories, but very little facts that can resolve all of our questions with 100% certainty.

Some of our products comes with a slogan “Unique Magic Inspired by Nature”. It just came in such combination of words because I was always fascinated with questions about nature and especially space. While my business is related to products that grow in nature such as gemstones and crystals, I am still incredibly amazed with anything about space, NASA missions, Galaxies, X-Planets, Universe(s) and beyond.

By the way, many people does not know that Gold is alien product. It flew to Earth from space due to one of its kind Super Nova event and landed over some specific regions of our planet. It is one of the most unique products in the existence of our planet because it is impossible to replicate it and impossible to live without since it is also used in modern technology as best electricity conductor from corrosion resistance stand point and valued around the world as market driving force.

I have also wondered about ancient cultures and civilizations like Mayans, Inka’s, Egyptians, Tibetans and many many others. Some cultures like Mayans and Egyptians have built pyramids as their homes and while there was no way for them to learn from one another being located on different continents, somehow they knew how to build them and in each case they are positioned in precise way towards specific constellation of Orion belt within our Milky Way Galaxy. Why they build it this way? And what does it mean? And why Pyramids? And how exactly did they build them? Did they use some kind of “magic” tool or technique to create something so unique many centuries ago? We can only guess and come up with countless theories, but the truth is no one knows for sure which is why magic is not always something we consider as an act or process, but in many ways resembles everything we see around us,

The whole point of this post is for everyone to be open minded and see the world as something absolutely magic. Why not? Just look around and ask yourself, how this or that came about? Why the sky is blue and the sun is yellow? How did ancient people know and did so much without modern tools and technology?

Our business would never come to light without passion for gemstones because they do feel and look “magic”. Each natural mineral is full of individual energy and powers. Ancient cultures used them for healing and as individual Amulets for a reason. We as humans love to go back in time to discover ancient remedies that would work better than modern medications and natural crystals were as important to human civilizations since its creation.

Does magic exists? Look around and decide for your self,

Sincerely, Inna Gaker - designer for CoolAmulets Brand.