Reversible Full Moon Frosted Sea Glass Cobalt Mist White and Blue Amulet Good Luck Life Energy Necklace

Title :

  • Best Amulets® Full Moon Collection. Absolutely Adorable Reversible Frosted Sea Glass Amulet Pendant Necklace.
  • Amulet Size: 25mm (1 Inch).
  • Each Full Moon Amulet is Individually Unique and Special.
  • Ready to Wear with Adjustable High Quality Cord and Adjusts from 16 up to 24 Inches Long. You may wear it Long or Short based on your own Personal Preferences. Comes with Natural Wooden Bead Accent.
  • Comes with Branded Tag and Gift Packaging.
  • Absolutely Unique and Special Frosted Sea Glass Amulet Reversible Necklace. Each Lucky Charms is Individually Unique and looks Very Eye Catching. This Beach Sea Glass Charm is Shaped as Puffy Full Moon and Comes in Beautiful Cobalt Blue and Mist White Colors. The Amulet is Reversible where Each Charm is Tied to each other by Adjustable Cord and makes it Very Cute and Adorable Good Luck Charm. Look Inspiring, Cool and Magic with your Own Unique Frosted Sea Glass Full Moon Amulet. We create each Glass Stone with Love and Care individually and each Amulet is going to be Absolutely Unique in it's Shape. Glass Colors may be slightly lighter and/or darker in it's appearance being created by hand.

    Moon Powers and Legend:

    The moon is a powerful force of nature.In fact, the moon has been a central part of many myths and legends across different cultures precisely because of how powerful this part of the sky is. In the myths associated with Moon goddesses, the goddess is paired with the God of the Sun. He travels throughout the day and she takes over the journey at night. The Mayan people have several stories about different moon goddesses. One goddess frequently associated with the moon is Ixchel who is associated with the moon because she is a fertility goddess. Life on Earth depends on Moon in every way and represents powers of Longevity, Life Energy and overall Prosperity.

    Glass Natural and Metaphysical Properties:

    Glass is product of Nature and is made from sand. Sand is silica which is a form of quartz crystal, one of the most abundant minerals on the planet. Glass is often reflective and has the ability to reflect energy being sent your way back to the sender. Glass goes through the 4 elements as form. Earth as sand, Air and Fire to Liquefy it as molten then cooled off into a beautiful form of Earth. Glass carries the energy of its transformation, the merging of the elements, focus, communication and rebirth.

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