Cool Amulets is New Age Store located in Sunshine State of Florida

Thank You for your interest in who we are. Cool Amulets is New Age Store located in Sunshine State of Florida and offering Inspirational and Fashion Jewelry, Genuine Gemstone Amulets, Good Luck Charms and Natural Crystals. Many of our Items are Handcrafted from Natural Gemstones and Crystals. We make each item individually with Love and Care and work our best to make sure you will enjoy our Unique products. Cool Amulets Manufactures all of the unique products hosted on this web site. We provide 90 Day Warranty for each product you purchase directly from our brand. If any defect occurs during your first 90 day of use, simply contact us to report any such defects. We will gladly exchange your Product for brand new item absolutely free of charge and with all shipping charges paid by our company. Your First 90 days of use begins from the date you have received/physically owned your item and purchasing receipt must be presented. Please note that our warranty is limited in the following instances:

  1. Most of our products are made from Natural Gemstones and Crystals. If consumer drops an item on the solid floor and/or hard ceramic surface, the product will brake just like if you would drop glass cup. It is important to understand that our warranty will not apply in such instances, as product was not defected due to manufacture fault. Please handle your products with appropriate care.
  2. If product was intentionally damaged, we will not be able to offer warranty coverage.
  3. If product was received being damaged, then it would be more appropriate for our company to file Insurance claim with the shipping carrier. In this instance, we encourage you to contact our customer support to report your merchandise being damaged in transit. This should be done as soon as you receive your merchandise, so we may handle this claim and send you brand new item without delay. Such situations would fall under Insurance claims with the Shipping Carrier and will not be covered under our Manufactures Warranty.
We Love what we do and sincerely appreciate your business.