20 Pieces Cute Cannabis Hemp Leafs Lucky Charms Findings Jewelry Pendants Necklace Making 21 X 16mm

Title :

CoolAmulets Collection. Package Contains 20 pieces. DIY Charms made from Antiqued Base Silver-Tone Metals. Each Charm Size: 21mm X 16mm. Back Side of the Charm is Hallow. May be used to Create your Own Lucky Charm, Unique Necklace or Pendant. Comes with Branded CoolAmulets Packaging. Create your Own Jewelry, Lucky Charm or Personal Totem with these Cute and Magical Cannabis Hemp Leafs DIY Charms. Great for any Project or just to Create something Unique and Special on your own. May be Used together with Gemstone Components, Glass Charms, Chains, Necklaces, Key Rings and so much more. Explore your Imagination and Create something Absolutely Unique. Leaf Myth and Meaning: Leaf represents Life. Our Life is full of surprises and action. Leaf protects against any kind of negativity and attracts positive energy due to its natural qualities. Leafs comes in different shapes, sizes and colors, but they can not survive without light, sun and water. They attract most positive energies from our planet and transform them to humans. Leaf symbol will keep you lucky, protected and healthy.



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