A Italian Horn Red Jasper Pendant on Silver Bail Rubber Necklace

Title :
  • Popular Italian Horn in Genuine Red Jasper Gemstone
  • Popular 18" Black Rubber Cord with 925 Sterling Silver Bail
  • Italian Horn Pendant Size: Large 2 X 1 inches
  • Charm Comes with High Quality Antique Pewter Bail
  • Looks Great with any outfit, Stay Unique

This is the Product that everyone is anxious to get for it's Popular Outlook, Natural Good Luck and Protection Powers, and for it's Absolute Eye Catching Design.

This Italian Horn Comes in Natural and Genuine Red Jasper Gemstone. It has High Quality Antique Pewter Bail which does not turn on color and great for any kind of activities. It Also Comes with Popular 18" Black Rubber Cord with Real 925 Sterling Silver Bail. You are going to stay Absolutely Unique and Get the Compliments you deserve.

Italian Horn Myth and Legend:

The ancient Magical charm or Amulet worn in Italy as Protection against "evil eye" has also been linked to Celtic and Druid myths and beliefs. Other superstitions link it to Special powers and Good Luck. Centuries ago it was believed when animal horns pointed to the moon goddess and were considered sacred.

Good Luck and Protection Powers of Red Jasper Gemstone:

Red Jasper is a great all-around Good LUCK stone and said to help bring Joy, Luck, and Success into life. Red Jasper Gently activates the senses and Protects from witchcraft. This Stone helps in unfair situations And It is said to assist in protection and rescue from danger. RED Jasper is VERY Protective. It can align all the chakras and balance Yin Yang energies, it is stabilizing and healing. Magic lore claimed that this stone when worn could render you invisible. It is also believed to inspire intuition, creativity and spiritual solidarity.


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