Amethyst General Protection Pouch For Baby

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This General Protection Pouch contains Genuine STAR made of Amethyst Gemstone, and Amethyst tumbled Stones. Comes in Very Pleasant Purple Satin Pouch.

How to use: You should keep this Pouch in your Child?s Room; for Better Results put it under the mattress or somewhere close to your child?s bed.

A "Master Healing Crystal". Amethyst's most noted healing quality is its ability to purify and transmute all forms of negativity. When used for children, Amethyst accepts all negative emotions and provides comfort through spiritual acceptance. Amethyst as a healing stone commonly associated with peace. For children with either physical or emotional pain, an Amethyst Crystal in the room will help clear unwanted discharged energies, bringing the room back into a balanced state. Amethyst promotes happiness. It has been deemed "nature's tranquilizer" by many healers because of it's effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind but also the nervous system. Children who suffer from nightmares should use Amethyst as a talisman, and keep it under the pillow. Amethyst placed under a pillow at night will aid sleep, bringing about pleasant dreams. Amethyst is known to calm and protect the mind. Amethyst is a crystal of protection, because it repels more than it attracts.

You may Protect your Child's Body and Soul, by buying this Unique Piece of Protection.



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