Amulet Brave Howling Wolf Head Spiritual Protection Powers Hematite Wish Stone Totem Pendant Necklace

Title :

  • Best Amulets® Collection. Very Special Wish Stone made from Genuine and Natural Gemstone.
  • Only Genuine Gemstones are used and Each Amulet will be Unique and one of the Kind.
  • Amulet Totem Size: About 2 inches. All Art Work is Engraved on top of the Gemstone.
  • Colors and Texture may slightly vary being Lighter or Darker due to Natural Qualities of Gemstones.
  • Ready to wear with High Quality Cotton Waxed Cord which Adjusts from 15 up to 24 inches long and you may wear it any length you desire. Comes with Gift Style Packaging.
  • This Necklace has Engraving of Very Special Brave Howling Wolf Head Amulet. This Symbol is Engraved on Genuine and Natural Hematite Gemstone and engages Powers of Stone and Magic Symbol. This Gemstone brings Evil Eye Protection Powers and also makes it Spiritual Protection Amulet Totem.

    Amulet meaning:

    Wolf is Symbol of Protection, Courage, staying Wise and Strong in every situation. Having Unique Intuition and Survival ability makes Wolf to be one of the kind and transforms in to Magic Powers. This Lucky Gemstone Necklace is Exclusively made by our company. We created these Gemstones with Unique and one of the Kind Magic symbols, which will follow you every step of the way. Gemstone comes with Metallic color engraving and makes it very special piece of jewelry. Each Lucky Necklace is also made from Genuine and Natural Individual Gemstone and brings Good Luck, Fortune and Protection powers to its immediate owner.

    Good Luck and Evil Eye Protection Powers of Hematite Gemstone:

    The ancient civilizations used Hematite in the creation of their Magical Amulets. Helps increase courage and will-power. Also a Protective Stone, whenever you feel the need for protection and face challenge in panicky situation, carry a Hematite stone with you. It could be crucial meetings, interviews or legal matters. It helps to balance out the emotions and energies between the body, mind and spirit. Not only does it dissolves negativity, but actually transforms it into the energy of Universal Love. Hematite forms a reflective shield around its Owner.


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