Amulet Egyptian Scarab Rebirth Spiritual Life Magic Powers Green Quartz Pendant 22 Inch Necklace

Title :
  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Unique and Beautiful Egyptian Scarab Rebirth Amulet Pendant Necklace.
  • Each Amulet is Created with Love and Care from Stainless Steel and Holds Very Cute Cabochon.
  • Amulet Size: 28 X 33mm.
  • Ready to Wear. Comes with Beautiful High Quality Link Style Stainless Steel 22 Inch Chain Necklace.
  • Comes with Gift Kind Packaging.

Absolutely Unique, Lucky and Beautiful Egyptian Scarab Rebirth Spiritual Life Powers Amulet Pendant. Exclusive Design and made with Love and Care. The Amulet Holds Cute Cabochon at the Top made from Green Quartz Gemstone. This Amulet will Bring Positive, Magic and Spiritual Life Protection Energy Powers.

Meaning of the Amulet: 

Scarab is Egyptian symbol for rebirth and ability to be reborn. Rolling it's egg ball of along the ground was identified with the sun and Scarab with the God Khepri who pushed the ball of the sun across the sky. It was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and were carved into amulets. The Ancient Egyptians used the Ankh to stand for the word LIFE and Balance. It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It's closely related to the looped cross that can mean fertility and life.

Good Luck Powers of Green Quartz Gemstone:

Green Quartz has been used as a lucky talisman and is a popular stone for gamblers. Green Quartz is like the good luck shamrock of the mineral kingdom. It helps bring in good fortune, money, abundance and overall happiness. Its name is derived from the Italian word "aventura" that means by chance. Green Quartz is extremely powerful. Green Quartz is often referred to as the Money Stone. It is thought to help those who enjoy games of chance and attracts money and luck to the owner. Has a reputation as a "gambler's stone", bringing luck into the game of risk and chance. Good career stone for those in stressful situations at work. It assists in realization of potentials and alternatives. It gives a calmness and balance, which enhances creativity, career success, prosperity, and independence.



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