Ancient Powers Doublesided All Seeing Buddha Tibetan Mantra Amulet Carved Mani Stone Keepsake Totem

Title :
  • Handcrafted Directly in Tibet. Each Piece is Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Original Tibetan Amulet.
  • Size: Large Stone, Approximately 5 X 3 inches. Each Piece is Unique and Varies in Size.
  • Carved on Tibetan River Stone and Double Sided with Buddha Eyes and Tibetan Mantra.
  • May be Used as Paper Weight or as Individual Amulet Keepsake. 
  • Comes with Gift kind Velvet Pouch.

This Amulet is Absolutely Unique, One of the Kind and Special. It is Handcrafted Directly in Tibet with Love and Care making your Amulet Individual, Magic and Precious.

This Amulet is Double Sided. It has Engraving of Very Old and Special Tibetan OM Mani Padme Hum Mantra Prayeron one side and Magic Buddha All Seeing Third Wisdom Eye on the other. Amulet also has engravings of Magic Tibetan Symbols of Wealth, Prosperity, Health and Fortune. They are engraved on top of River Stone. 

Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Meaning:

Very Old Tibetan Mantra. Om Mani Padme Hum protects at 3 levels of Mind, Speech and Body. It is Jewel in the Lotus and Mantra of Compassion. Protects from Harm in the environment. It is the Guardian for Major life factors and provides understanding and guidelines to feelings and emotions.

Buddha All Seeing Third Wisdom Eye symbol meaning:

Tibetan Oldest Symbol of Unity of all the things as well as the One Way to reach enlightenment trough the Buddha's Teachings. Above this is the Third Eye symbolizing the All Seeing Wisdom of the Buddha. Stimulates Intuition and Stability.

Stay Absolutely Unique with your Own Original Tibetan Amulet.




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