Business Attractor Silver Crystal Point Pendant

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SIZE: 43 mm

Are you looking for better results in your Business Financial Situation? Are you trying to change things around and have no results? Well, you may try to change your Luck for the Better with this Business MONEY Attractor TALISMAN. Its made from Natural Gemstones, which are believed to have Earth Powers to Bring Luck in Business. .

Absolutely Gorgeous Swinger STERLING Silver Pendant. Comes as Perfect CRYSTAL Double Point in 925 Sterling Silver Holder. Such a NICE and Fashionable MONEY Talisman. Buy it for your Self or Someone Special. Outstand from all others, Get LUCKY.


CITRINE is known as a MONEY STONE. As well it?s Called Success Stone and Merchant?s Stone of Wealth. Citrine is known as the "success stone" because it Promotes Success, Prosperity, and Abundance. It particularly promotes Success in Business and Money Involved Situations. Citrine is a stone of Good Fortune, and Sometimes brings it when you don?t expect it. It is a stone of manifestation, helping manifest abundance in many ways. Along with Prosperity and Good fortune, Citrine dissipates negative energies of all kinds. Since citrine eliminates negative energies, it helps generate stability in all areas of your Life, and is Extremely Good for General Protection. Citrine is a stone that brings Happiness and cheer to one who carries or wears it. Sensuality and sexuality can also be heightened by Citrine. It will Give Joy and Love to the owner. Citrine helps to manifest your goals and attracts abundance and personal power. The stone not only helps acquire wealth but maintain it, because it vibrates to prosperity in all its forms, as it is a Powerful MONEY Stone.



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