Evil Eye Protection Amulet Magic Eye Hamsa Hands Black Knotted Cord Bracelet Hematite Power Beads

Title :
  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Very Cute and Special Evil Eye Protection and Magic Eye Charm Bracelet.  
  • Bracelet Size: About 7.5 to 8 inches width. Self Adjusts with Knotted Cord for easy wear.
  • Eye Bead is made from Clay with sparkling Rhinestones.
  • Tie Strings Holds Hematite Round Beads.
  • Comes with Cute Gift Style Pouch and CoolAmulets Tag.

Very Cute and Special Evil Eye Bracelet with Charming Eye in the middle. These bracelets are Very Eye Catching and easy to wear. The Bracelet is made with Two Cute Hamsa Hands charms and Eye Charm is made from Clay and Rhinestone crystals.

Hamsa Hand Symbol Meaning: Hamsa is World Wide know symbol. Many People across the planet are using hamsa hand as the most protection symbol, which reflects the negativity by holding its hand and pushing it away from you. At the same time, Hamsa Hand looks Very Attractive and Eye Catches Eyes of other people, which makes them look directly at the Amulet and not at you, keeping you safe from Evil Eye.

Evil Eye Beads protects you from Evil Eye of other people by catching their eyes and moving them away from yourself. Cross Charm adds additional Protection and gives you Spiritual and Positive Powers of Protection and Magic.



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