Fancy Magical Infinity Positive Powers Gold-Tone Cherry Red White Crystals Lucky Charm Earrings

Title :
  • CoolAmulets® Collection. Absolutely Special and Very Cute Gold-Tone Unique Infinity Magic Powers Lucky Charms Earrings.
  • Earrings Size: 34mm X 14mm.  
  • Each Earring holds Cute and Lucky Infinity Symbol with Cherry Red and Snow White Sparkling Crystals and makes it Eye Catching piece of Fashion Jewelry.
  • High Quality Earrings to make you look Beautiful and Unique.
  • Comes with Gift Kind CoolAmulets® Branded Packaging.

Absolutely one of the kind Fancy, Cute and Unique Eardrop Earrings. Each Earring is Designed as Lucky Infinity Symbol Charms. Infinity Symbol is created with Cherry Red and Snow White Sparkling Crystals which Makes it look Very Attractive and Fun to wear.

Makes Great Gift Idea for yourself or someone you Love and Care about. Our Earrings are made from Highest Quality Materials and will be a Great Addition to your Fashion Jewelry Collection.

Infinity Symbol Meaning:

This unique symbol represents Infinite Powers, which are transformed directly to the owner. Infinity Symbol also represents Eternity. In Ancient India and Tibet it represented Perfection, Unity and Infinite Possibilities. It is Linked to Magic and Represents Balance of Various Forces.  In modern times, it became a secular mathematical symbol for infinity in numbers, time or space and used by many people to attract Universe Powers of Positive Energy, Infinite Good Luck and Protection.



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