Good Luck Hearts Coconut Cell Phone Charm

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Everyone these days are Using Charms for their Cell Phones, as it became a Popular Attribute of our Every Day Communication. Now you have a Chance to Own a Very Stylish Peace of Good Luck and Protection as a Cell Phone Accessory. It will always be around, Protecting you Every Day of your Life.

Comes in Natural Coconut Shell .The HEARTS are Stamped with Old Chinese Carvings, which are Representing and Stand for Good Luck and Protection Powers.


COCONUT is Absolutely Universal Fruit. The coconut palm is referred to as the Tree of Life, Tree of Heaven , or Tree of Abundance . Coconut Shell believed to have Extremely Powerful Protection Powers, as some Cultures were used to house the souls of newborn babies for protection during their first year of life. Considered the most useful tree in the world, the coconut palm provides food, drink, clothing, shelter, heirloom history and financial security, becoming a Symbol and Hallmark of Prosperity, Abundance and Good Health.

This Charm is Absolutely Gorgeous and Unique, and no two Pieces are exactly alike. You may also like to use it as a Zipper Pull by attaching it to any Jacket or Purse.



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