Good Luck Snow White Marble Buddha Egg On Wooden Stand

Title :
  • SIZE: 2 inch

OUR Exclusive Product. This is Absolutely Special Natural Snow White MARBLE EGG with engraved BUDDHA inside. The Buddha is Engraved in GOLD in Very Special Way, and Makes it look FANTASTICALLY Attractive and UNIQUE. It also comes with HIGH Quality and Polished Wooden Stand for GREAT Outlook.  Makes Perfect Gift. 

BUDDAH is GOD of LUCK. He is the GOD of Happiness, Laughter and the Wisdom of Contentment. His big belly is a SYMBOL of Happiness, Luck and Generosity. BUDDAH have a Protective Supernatural Power. Buddha means "Awakened". BUDDAH is Fully Enlightened One and develops to perfection the qualities of generosity, discipline, renunciation, wisdom and energy. The Buddha was born in 2600 years ago, and since then he is Bringing Good Fortune and Good Luck to people, who are using BUDDAH as Personal Amulet.




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