Lucky Charm Dolphin Totem Gemstone

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Dolphin GOOD LUCK Totem in NATURAL Gemstone.

Dolphin : Myth and Legend:

Dolphins are among the most intelligent creatures on Planet Earth. They have dwelled in all the oceans of the Planet for over 3 million years. They are some of the largest creatures Earth's history has ever known. They have captured the imaginations of countless Human cultures and individuals. It is also believed that dolphins possess a sophisticated language, and countless examples indicate that they can transmit information from one individual to individual. For dolphins were seen messengers for the Gods, and were closely associated with Poseidon's daughters, the Nereids, the goddess of love Aphrodite, the heroine Galatea and the music-loving sun God, Apollo. It is highly ironic and disturbing that these gentle creatures, who continue demonstrate unconditional friendship and trust and touch the lives of millions all over the world, are among some of the most endangered mammals in the world. There are some many Life Stories, where Dolphins saved life?s of Human Kind. Keep this Lucky Totem with You to Save your Self in Unexpected Situations.

This TOTEM Gemstone is a Great GOOD LUCK Attractor, especially for those who likes to carry the Good Luck Spirit along with them anywhere they go.

This Dolphin Gemstone comes in Precious Organza Pouch and makes a Super Gift for your Self or Someone you care about.

Please Note that this Totem comes in Various Gemstones. Each Stone is Absolutely Gorgeous and Natural. Each Lucky Totem is Hand Etched and Each Stone is Hand Polished for more Beauty.



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