Lucky Charm Long Life Kanji Stone

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This Stone is Absolutely Unique and Super Powerful , as it is Double sided with Old Chinese Kanji Symbol on one Side, and word ?LONG LIFE? on other side ?see Picture Below for Alternative View. Chinese is One of the Oldest Languages in the World, and their Symbols are Representing and Holding the Real Powers. Every Person is Really Hoping to Have a Long and Happy Life, as it Naturally Comes with Birth of Human Kind.

Use the Power of LONG LIFE gemstones to:

? To Have Long Life
? To Wish for Long Life of Your Relationship
? To wish for Long Life of your Family Members

When you are not using the stone, keep it next to your self, or anywhere in your Home or Office.

This LONG LIFE Gem will Achieve your Goals.

Please Note that Kanji Stones comes in either Black or Dark Brown Colors. Each Stone is Absolutely Gorgeous and Natural. Each Word and Symbols are Hand Etched and Each Stone is Hand Polished for more Beauty.



1000 In Stock