Lucky Charm Praying Angel Guardian Stone

Title :

Use the POWER of Lucky Praying Angel GemStone to Communicate with God and Higher Universe Energies.

How to use GUARDIAN ANGEL STONE: Put it in your Hands, and ask the stone to help you get Communicate all your Needs and Problems to GOD. At this moment be Very Positive.

When you are not using the stone, keep it next to your Self, or Next to your Bed. Take the Guardian Angel Stone with you to any Important Meeting, so it may Pray for you.

This GUARDIAN ANGEL Stone will Achieve your Goals.

Please Note that this Guardian Angel Stone comes in Various Gemstones. Each Stone is Absolutely Gorgeous and Natural. The Angel is Hand Etched and Each Stone is Hand Polished for more Beauty. Also comes in Precious Organza Pouch.



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