Lucky Horn Magnet

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SIZE: 54 mm

GET LUCKY with our SUPER ?GOOD LUCK? MAGNET. This GOOD LUCK MAGNET is Designed to Deliver Maximum Natural Powers towards your Personal LUCK and as well for entire Family as you may use it in your Home. Comes as Wooden Circle with Carved ITALIAN HORN and filled with GENUINE and NATURAL Tumbled Stones of AMAZONITE and RUBY CRYSTAL QUARTZ. Horn is known as one of the LUCKIEST Symbols in Centuries.


AMAZONITE known as the LUCKY "Hope Stone". It will be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. Amazonite is used to break an unlucky streak, Engage GOOD LUCK and enhance Winning at games-of-chance. It helps you to manifest and retain the pure energy of Universal Love. The stone helps you to trust your intuitions more, instead of rationalizing them away. Amazonite dispels negative energy. It brings LUCK in new business, as it Helps filter information and combines it with natural intuition. Amazonite brings Joy and Love to it?s Owner, as it is Naturally Good LUCKStone.

CRYSTAL QUARTZ is a Powerful stone. It is used for protection because it counters black magic and protects from Evil Eye. Crystal Quartz keeps negative energies away, uncover and protect against evil attempts, prevent bad intentions and arrest bad luck. It is a stone that has the power to act as an insulator for all things. It can stop negative vibrations and maintain positive vibrations. Crystal Quartz has been called the "Universal Crystal", because it channels universal energy. Crystal Quartz is a stone of clarity which dispels Evil Eye Magic and clears away negative thoughts, which may be coming against you. It will break up negative energy in the environment. Crystal Quartz is also good for energizing other crystals and when used in combination with any stone it enhances that stones effects.

Combination of these stones Creates SUPER Natural GOOD LUCK Powers for its Owner. Amazonite Naturally Influence LUCK, while Quartz Crystal Protects You and Your LUCK from Unexpected.

This GOOD LUCK Magnet is made from Finest Wood. The Wood is Polished and Covered with Clear Plastic, which is attached by two Gold Tone Screws. Comes to you in Beautiful Clear Snow White Organza Pouch. Each PIECE is VERY UNIQUE and SPECIAL. It?s EXCLUSIVELY Made for and You may only get it in Our Store.



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