Mom To Be Pouch

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This is Amazing Product. You should Definitely get one if you are Pregnant, Willing to get Pregnant or already nursing. This Pouch Contains the Most Powerful Stones for Protection of your Most Important Step in your Life.

INCLUDES: Tumbled Stones of Malachite, Moonstone and Hematite. All comes in Elegant Satin Pink pouch, which snaps under the outside flap and with zipper on the inside.


MOONSTONE is the ?Stone of New Beginnings? . Believed to have a powerful effect on the reproductive cycle and is excellent for conception and pregnancy. Moonstone is a stone of protection, especially during pregnancy. Soothes & relaxes during the birthing process. Stabilizes emotions and produces an overall calming effect. Regulates hormone balances and resonates with all female qualities. Moonstone ensures pregnancy to beget healthy children. It checks miscarriages and is useful for all female ailments. Moonstone can assist you in absorbing those things that are ?needed? in life while helping you discern what is merely ?wanted?. It helps to bring your hormonal cycle in balance with Nature?s own rhythms. Use it to enhance fertility or ease the discomfort of pregnancy & childbirth. Moonstone will also aid in assimilating nutrients & eliminating toxins. Moonstone helps eliminate fear of "feeling", provides Greater Flexibility and Flow with Life and more importantly Boost female energy.

MALACHITE is a Very protective stone, being especially helpful for protection during pregnancy, childbirth, and protection for children. Malachite Believed to ease the pain of labor. Often called the ?Midwife Stone? . It kick-starts the immune system and makes body and mind feel refreshed each new day. Malachite eases migraines. It' also the Guardian Stone. It has the ability to soothe and bring rest - helping sleep and balancing emotions. It is said that malachite gives knowledge and patience. Malachite was used as a children' Talisman to ward off danger and illness. Malachite Promotes self-knowledge and also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general. Malachite is said to bring harmony and Promotes fidelity. It is capable of stimulating ones intuition and insight whilst assisting in recognizing and clearing past negative influences and experiences. Malachite is also an excellent protection stone during flying and other travel and traditionally it was used as a stone of protection.

HEMATITE is used for inflammation of joints, fatigue and melancholy (especially during pregnancy). Hematite is a protective stone and its energies help you connect with the Earth and its benefits. It Dissolves negativity and Promotes Healthy Sleep. Hematite Attracts kind and generous love from others, which is so important while you are pregnant. It Calms and soothes, reducing stress and blood pressure. Hematite has been used to draw illness from the body, especially fevers ? you do not want to get sick while you are pregnant. Hematite is very ?Powerful and Protective? stone for your Fragile State of Presence.



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