Mom To Be Talisman Frog Gemstone Pendant

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SIZE# 28 X 25 mm

Wow! The Lucky FROG Gemstone Carving as Pendant. These Totems are an Absolute Catch to get a Nice and Cute Good Luck Charm to be around with you at all times. This FROG Pendant comes in Genuine and Natural HEMATITE Stone and carved from all sides ? see picture below for more detail. It is the TALISMAN for ?Mom To Be?. Buy one today to get Natural Protection Powers for your Most Important Presence in your Life.

FROG is symbol of Joy and Luck . For many centuries, Frog has been a Symbol of Abundance, partly due to the very large number of eggs it lays at one time. It has been used as amulet and talisman. Many cultures believed Frog brings Good Luck to their home. In China Frog is Considered as God of Wealth, and they strongly believe in this legend, by keeping one close. If you are about to experience a change in your current stage of life, you can learn from the frog. Frog totems can also provide Very Powerful Protection for children and have been known to give good dreams.


HEMATITE is used for inflammation of joints, fatigue and melancholy (especially during pregnancy). Hematite is a protective stone and its energies help you connect with the Earth and its benefits. It Dissolves negativity and Promotes Healthy Sleep. Hematite Attracts kind and generous love from others, which is so important while you are pregnant. It Calms and soothes, reducing stress and blood pressure. Hematite has been used to draw illness from the body, especially fevers ? you do not want to get sick while you are pregnant. Hematite is very ?Powerful and Protective? stone for your Fragile State of Presence.



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