Mom To Be Talisman Key Chain

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DONUT SIZE: 30mm This ?MOM to BE? Talisman comes as Famous LUCKY DONUT Key Chain in GENUINE WHITE HOWLITE Stone. The LUCKY DONUT attached to Key Ring by GENUINE Leather Cord and Holds Red Wooden Bead in Between. This is A Great Piece for you to have, if you want to be Protected while you are Pregnant or even already became a New Mom. Comes in Beautiful Clear SNOW WHITE Organza Pouch. Powers of this ?Mom to Be? Talisman and WHITE HOWLITE: White Howlite is a Defenite Stone to Have if you are Pregnant, Nursing or Just Planning to Have a Baby. This Stone will Greatly Benefit you in the Most Important Step of your Life. White Howlite is a Soothing Stone. Balances calcium levels and is particularly good for bones and teeth especially in pregnancy. Also, While balancing calcium levels in the body, both stimulating increase or decrease dependent upon the area. Physically Howlite benefits all boney structure. White Howlite Purifies the blood. As well induces peaceful sleep, which is So Important for You. White Howlite Can eliminate pain, stress, and anger, which may attack you due to Changes in your Hormone System. Howlite reflects and transfers spirit energy throughout the body-earth, and cleanses the mind and emotions of negative thoughts and images. This Stone increase appreciation of beauty. White Howlite brings calm with alertness. It's white color holds energies of strength as well as innocence. White Howlite is Quietly Loving and Calming Stone. It Works with the heart center, bringing greater gentleness. For many Centuries White Howlite was called a ?Pregnancy Stone? in many Cultures. This ?Mom to Be? Key Chain is a Must Have Guarding Angel Talisman for Your Most Important and Fragile Step of Your Life.



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