Mom To Be Talisman Turtle Gemstone Pendant

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SIZE# 28 X 25 mm

Wow! The Lucky TURTLE Gemstone Carving as Pendant. These Totems are an Absolute Catch to get a Nice and Cute Good Luck Charm to be around with you at all times. This TURTLE Pendant comes in Genuine and Natural HEMATITE Stone and carved from all sides ? see picture below for more detail. It is the TALISMAN for ?Mom To Be?. Buy one today to get Natural Protection Powers for your Most Important Presence in your Life.

TURTLE is Symbol of Longevity and Heaven's Blessings. Turtles seem to possess an enviable and god-like resistance to aging and Represents Long Life. The Turtle is a Symbol of Good Fortune and is an positive omen bringing 10,000 years of happiness. The turtle carries the world on its back. This is a symbol of fertility, vitality, and great patience. The Chinese believed these animals foretold future events. The Turtle protects by teaching the family to protect themselves. She brings the blessings of heaven to the home. Turtle symbolizes both the stability of earth energy, and the magical mysteries of heaven. It is a Symbol of Good Luck, LOVE and Health.


HEMATITE is used for inflammation of joints, fatigue and melancholy (especially during pregnancy). Hematite is a protective stone and its energies help you connect with the Earth and its benefits. It Dissolves negativity and Promotes Healthy Sleep. Hematite Attracts kind and generous love from others, which is so important while you are pregnant. It Calms and soothes, reducing stress and blood pressure. Hematite has been used to draw illness from the body, especially fevers ? you do not want to get sick while you are pregnant. Hematite is very ?Powerful and Protective? stone for your Fragile State of Presence.



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