Triangle Protection From Evil Eye Key Chain

Title :

This EVIL EYE PROTECTION Talisman comes as Famous LUCKY TRIANGLE Key Chain in GENUINE BLACK OBSIDIAN Stone. The LUCKY TRIANGLE attached to Key Ring by GENUINE Leather Cord and Holds Red Wooden Bead in Between. This is A Great Piece for you to have, if you need to Get Lucky in any LOVE Situation ? weather it?s New Boyfriend, Existing relationship or even your Spouse. Comes in Beautiful Clear SNOW WHITE Organza Pouch.

Powers of this EVIL EYE PROTECTION Talisman and BLACK OBSIDIAN Stone:

BLACK OBSIDIAN Called the ?Mirror Stone? . It mirrors Evil Eye Energy Back to the Sender. Obsidian associated with protection and breaking bad luck. Obsidian gives protection from physical and emotional harm. Because of its protective qualities, Obsidian is a good stone for those who are soft-hearted and gentle. It will help to guard them against abuse. Obsidian is a stone of serenity and purity, and will shield against negativity. It helps to recognize unnecessary patterns in life and redesign one's thought patterns to provide relief from undesired conditions. This unusual black stone absorbs darkness and converts it to white light. It can help to prevent negative energy from effecting you, and also help keep your thoughts from turning negative. (emotionally beating yourself up?). If you feel, that you may be exposed to an Evil Eye from someone, either because of jealousy or for any other unknown reasons, then Obsidian is a definite stone for you to use on daily basis.



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