Unique Guardian Archangel Michael Sigil Amulet Medallion Protection Spiritual Powers Black Agate Necklace

Title :

  • Best Amulets® Collection. Magical Amulet holding Uniquely Shaped Archangel Sigil Medallion.
  • The Medallion is attached to Beautiful and Flawless Black Agate Disk and makes it Very Special and One of the Kind.
  • Pendant Charm Size: 40mm (Approximately 1 1/2 inch). Magical Symbols are Accurately Engraved over Stainless Steel and makes is Spectacular Piece if Inspirational Jewelry.
  • Ready to Wear with Adjustable High Quality Cord which adjusts from 15 up to 28 inches long.
  • Comes with Gift Kind Packaging and Information Card.
  • Absolutely Amazing and Special Sigil of Archangel Michael Amulet with Magic Powers holding Uniquely Shaped Stainless Steel Medallion. The Symbols are Engraved over the Medallion and makes it look Special and Eye Catching. The Medallion is Highly Polished and Accurately Engraved with Love and Care. Black Agate stands for Spiritual Protection and Good Luck Powers.

    Look Stunning and Stay Magic with your Own Unique, Special and Individual Amulet.

    Amulet meaning:

    Sigils are magical symbols used for the invocation of spirits come from the ancient book “The Key of King Solomon" used to call forth the power of the Archangels. The sigil of the Archangel Michael is used to invoke his Strength and Protection. The most powerful Spirit after God himself and led the forces of heaven in their triumph. Channels Powers of Leadership, Courage, Strength, Truth and Integrity.

    Agate Powers:

    With its Powers Effective in all Chakras, Black Agate is a Very Spiritual stone. It is used to end unhappy Situations. Agate is in tune with the Earths energies and balances Yin and Yang. Tremendous Strength Provider. Agate is used to Deflect or Absorb the negativity of others.


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